About ValuTel Communications
About ValuTel Communications
years ago ValuTel got its start as a long distance carrier. years ago ValuTel added Internet Service Provider to its services offered. years ago ValuTel was certified by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission as a Local Exchange Carrier.

Today, ValuTel is New Mexico's premier Next Generation Network carrier providing telecommunication services over networks, such as, Ethernet. Additonally, ValuTel installs and supports most of today's popular IP phones manufactured by Cisco, Linksys, Aastra, Polycom, Grandstream, and more.

ValuTel is locally owned and operated in the heart of New Mexico with its headquarters located in downtown Albuquerque.

ValuTel's products are specifically designed to maximize value by keeping monthly costs to a bare minimum. However, ValuTel achieves this without cutting corners or scaling back on benefits.

You will find that ValuTel's packages are loaded with features, customized services, and friendly, attentive support that cannot be found elsewhere in the marketplace.

ValuTel's key competitors are two of the country's biggest monopolies that are headquartered in states far, far away. Most likely their CEO has never stepped foot in New Mexico. Businesses pour millions of dollars into these monopolies only to see their hard earned dollars sucked out of the state.

ValuTel is home grown and home owned with its profits staying right here in New Mexico. But, more importantly, the money you will save will stay right where it belongs, in your own pocket.

If doing business locally has not convinced you, then try this easy test. Call your current carrier. Did a live person answer your call ready to take care of your needs? Now call ValuTel at 271-9008 and see the difference.

ValuTel Communications